The CRM module is one of the core modules of the iHire Software.It combines both vendors and customers in one screen.
Asset Management Module provides organizations with a complete solution with many enhanced features to manage your equipment or your valuable asset in a very dynamic way.
This module is designed for generating various types of Invoices, Receiving payments, and Debt collection follow-up.
The Rental Management module is one of the core modules of the iHire Software?. It consists of five sub-systems where each one of them represents a part of the hiring process.
Designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible, Accounts system allows you to track bank accounts, income and expenses.
iHire Software ? Time and Attendance system is the market leader in providing cost-effective and reliable employee time and attendance solutions for organizations of every size.
This system is a comprehensive Human Resource and Payroll solution. It provides organizations with a complete solution from the management of employees
Purchase system manages the entire purchasing process, from requisition, to purchase order, to goods receipt, until reaching the final step which is payment.
The Maintenance System allows users to define the maintenance schedules for equipment based on hours meter, kilometer readings or the number of days.
The gate pass system keeps track of movement of drivers, operators and equipment leaving base or coming in from site.
iHire Software? Document Management Module makes all business documents easily available to system users with access rights to view, print, fax, or email with a single click. This plays a major role in increasing the productivity, reducing the overheads, and improving the utilization of the staff.
iHire Software? Change Management Module (CMM) allows your employees to coordinate with your IT team / department in a very easy and organized way.
iHire Software systems are suitable for many types of Hiring / Rental / Leasing businesses including Plant Hire, Heavy Equipment Hire, Light Equipment Hire, Electricity Generator Hire, Air Compressor Hire, Forklift Hire, Access Platform Hire, Car Hire, Tool Hire, Crane Hire, Portable Cabin Hire, Skip Hire, Real Estate Rental/ leasing business, etc.
iHire Software Systems which contains 12 integrated modules was developed to help you achieve your market targets. It will enable you to provide quality services, keep excellent customer relations, maintain professional staff, save on labor costs, save on equipment costs, offer competitive hire rates and ensure fast growth.
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