Asset Management Module

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Asset Management

Asset Management Module provides organizations with a complete solution with many enhanced features to manage your equipment or your valuable asset in a very dynamic way. The system is highly parameterized and allows the hiring company to review and change its varying business parameters such as: adding new equipment and equipment categories, defining the rates for equipment, etc.

All iHire Software modules, System menus, features and reports are defined with user access rights. Only users with the pre-defined access rights are permitted to view these options, do changes and see the business activity reports.

Main Features:-

a) The system allows users to create unlimited equipment codes in a very dynamic way.
b) Ability to define the equipment specifications: Numbered or un-numbered, the machine is hired with operator/ driver, fuel, time card or hired without, has meters or not, available for hire or not, etc.
c) Ability to group equipment together and give them a unified group code and group hire rates. This is particularly important for hiring equipment with different attachments.
d) Ability to define the equipment hire rates based on equipment costs, hire period, equipment groups (Equipment only, Equipment with operator and fuel, equipment with operator, equipment with fuel)
e) Ability to pre-define the purpose of the assets, whether for rental, sale, or for internal use.
f) Users are allowed to register unlimited number of equipment details including their major components, attached equipment.
g) The equipment certificates and documents (registration, insurance, and test certificates) can be attached to the equipment with their expiry dates. The system will remind users for the renewal of these documents.
h) Allows users to view the store/ location of the asset. The system will show the name of the customer when the equipment is on hire.
i) The system will show the equipment performance summaries:-
   1. Billing, revenue received from the equipment.
   2. Fuel and spare parts consumption.
j) Pictures of the name plates, and equipment photos can be directly attached to the equipment details. This feature is useful for immediately identifying the equipment while it is on hire and for showing the equipment to potential used equipment buyers within the premises of the company or up-loading the photos to the company dynamic website.

Applicable businesses:-

This module is very useful for any Equipment, car rental, and leasing companies having multiple branches in multiple Cities, and Countries.
It is also suitable for contracting companies, factories and businesses having many Cars, Vehicles, Machines, and Equipment.

Asset Management (Figure1)

Asset Management (Figure2)