Change Management Module

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Change Management

iHire Software® Change Management Module (CMM) allows your employees to coordinate with your IT team / department in a very easy and organized way. The system allows your staff to report any problem related to IT by opening a ticket that reaches your IT team directly through the system and e-mail. It also gives your staff the ability to suggest any ideas to improve any software or any change in the existing software features. CMS allows you to report any production mistakes that may occur while using the system, for example, writing wrong information in the system while only the IT department can alter or remove these invalid data.

Main features:

a) Ability to create a ticket for any problem related to IT department.
b) Ability to follow-up with the status of your ticket(s) and if they were allocated for an IT professional or still unprogressed.
c) Allows you to give your ideas and suggestion to improve the system developed in-house in your company for the better in an easy way.
d) Allows you to report any production mistakes that may occur while using your company’s software (e.g. Entering wrong data to a software).
e) Allows system administrators to assign tickets and tasks to IT professionals to let them solve any reported issue at the earliest.
f) Allows system administrators to search for any ticket, either that it has been finalized or not.
g) Email notifications to both IT staff and the employee who made the ticket in case of some update regarding the ticket status.

Applicable businesses:-

This module is very useful for medium-sized to large company that has an it team/ department.

Change Management