Customer Relationship Management

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Customer Relationship Management

The Customer Relationship Management module is one of the core modules of the iHire Software®. iHire Software CRM combines both vendors and customers in one screen because most vendors eventually become customers and many customers become vendors. iHire Software CRM give users real time comprehensive information about a customer/ vendor address, contact details, business type, customer class, Commercial registration or personal identification details. The system maintains the information related to a customer’s employees who have represented their company.

Credit Control

The authorized system users can set/ change the customer’s credit limit and credit period after viewing the customer’s information, hiring and payment history.

The credit control system checks the pre-set credit limits, outstanding invoices and un-billed contracts to inform the sales staff at the time of making new contracts.

The credit control system holds the delivery when the credit limits are exceeded and a managerial approval will be required before the delivery is possible.


The CRM is fully integrated with the Document Management System to show copies of customer’s commercial registration or Personal identification. It also shows all sent, approved quotations, and incoming emails, faxes.

The CRM is fully integrated with the Rental Management Module. The system users can view and follow up the entire customer’s running contracts and view the customer’s hiring history.

The CRM is fully integrated with the Invoice and Payment Module. The system users can view and follow up the customer’s outstanding invoices and view the customer’s payment history.

The system has a feature to assign a single or multiple staff to maintain the customer relationship profile. The customers reports and follow up portals are available to the designated staff.


List of the un-allocated customers.
List of the expired CR/ CPR.
List of the remaining contracts for a customer.
List of the pending deliveries for managerial review.
Review managerial action.

Applicable Businesses

This module is suitable for any equipment, car rental, and leasing companies. It can be used by companies having multiple business divisions, branches in multiple cities, and countries.

Customer Information

Credit Control

Document Registration