Data Centre (Cloud Service)

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Data Centre (Cloud Service)

iHire Software ® Data Centre is equipped with the latest servers, data storage, back-up, and security. It is powered with Un-interrupted Power Supply and back-up generator. Our servers and system peripherals are kept at the ideal temperature and humidity through Precision air-conditioners and monitored round the clock.

iHire Software ® Data Centres insures maximum service availability in local and Disaster Recovery sites which are connected with high band-width connectivity to provide the highest speed data center to insure the business continuity of our clients.

iHire Software ® customers can depend on our software and cloud computing to get the best features and facility with minimum investment and running cost.

After signing an agreement with iHire Software ® all our Client need is a high speed internet connectivity to utilize iHire Software ® and Data Centre services. Our customer will be provided with the servers, storage, back-up, networking, and data management.

Third party software and iHire Software will be installed on the customer’s servers ready to be accessed by the customer.

Note: All third party and iHire software are subject to license agreements

Data Centre