Document Management Module

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Document Management

iHire Software® Document Management Module makes all business documents easily available to system users with access rights to view, print, fax, or email with a single click. This plays a major role in increasing the productivity, reducing the overheads, and improving the utilization of the staff.
The document management system saves the business owners from lost revenue due to missing invoices and supporting documents example contracts/ delivery notes/ purchase orders, etc.
The document management allows users to give a faster response to customers when customer request copies of invoices, contracts, delivery notes, time cards, etc.

Main features:

a) The document management system is fully integrated with all the other iHire Software® modules.
b) The system prevents loss of important documents, example quotations, faxes, purchase orders, contracts, delivery notes, invoices, etc.
c) Allow users to view, print, email or fax documents directly from the system with a single click which improves the productivity of staff and keep the customer happy by prompt reply.
d) The system provides a simple screen for users to register documents in the system with single click.
e) Save on stationary by directly sending or receiving faxes/emails in the system, no need to wait if the line is busy or server busy, etc.
f) The system makes it easy to track all the faxes and emails which are received from customers and vendors.
g) The users can securely register the incoming faxes and emails to the customer profile.
h) The document management system users can distribute the incoming faxes to the concerned person/ department for proper response to the fax.

Fax System (Figure 1)

Fax System (Figure 2)

Document Registration