Invoice and Payment Module

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Invoice and Payment

This module is designed for generating various types of Invoices, Receiving payments, and Debt collection follow-up.
The system generates a variety of invoices depending on the nature of the hiring contract or sales contract. The invoices can be generated for a single contract or multiple contracts. Invoices can be made for credit contracts or for cash contracts.
The system allows the users to receive and register all types of payments such as cheque, bank transfer, credit card and cash. It accepts multiple modes of payment in a single payment receipt. The payment receipts can be allocated to a single invoice or to multiple invoices. The system allows making advance payment receipts for the hiring or sale contracts, and these payment can be allocated to the invoices against the same contract.
The system provides a number of sophisticated options and tools for debt collection follow ups and to track all invoices, Purchase Orders, payments, credit and debit notes in an efficient manner. The system has an efficient follow up calendar to schedule the pending works to the users. Users may schedule follow up assignments to each other.
The system also generates an auto to do tasks based on pre-defined criteria, example after making a quotation.

Invoicing System Main Features:-

a) Users can prepare invoices for hiring contracts, sales contracts or for both types of contracts. An invoice can be prepared for a single contract or for multiple contracts.
b) Users can prepare cash Invoices can be made for completed contracts with an already received advance payment. This is to automatically allocate the advance payment and finish the contract.
c) Users can prepare credit invoices for submitting to clients with the supporting documents. Invoices can be made regularly based on the defined invoicing period
d) Although discounts are normally given prior to the contract and are documented as part of the contract, the system allows the invoicing department to make discounts while generating the invoice.
e) Credit notes and debit notes adjustments can be posted after the invoice is generated to cater for any eventual customer dispute.
f) Invoice automated calculation with the ability to enter the time card and tipper card details.
g) Allows you to generate invoices on a weekly, monthly or after off-hire basis.
h) Ability to prepare and register the cover letter of the invoices for the customer.
i) The system automatically sends the invoices to the account general ledger (GL).

Payment Entry and Allocation Main Features:-

a) Allows you to receive and register any kind of payment such as cheque, bank transfer, credit card and cash.
b) It accepts multiple modes of payment in a single payment receipt.
c) Payments can be registered as advance payments or payment of due invoices.
d) In the case of customers making excess payment for a contract, the system allows you to refund the customer.
e) Allows customers to replace one payment type with another, tracking it in the system all the way to the bank.
f) Authorized system users have the ability to cancel payment receipts in case of any mismatch. They can also de-allocate payment receipts in case of wrong allocation.
g) The system automatically sends the payment entries to the account general ledger (GL).

Debt Collection Main Features:

a) The system provides the management, sales executives and debt collector with a sophisticated screen to view the customer invoices, payment history, received faxes, cheque realization history and customer credit history.
b) The system shows the debt collectors the customers’ outstanding invoices, with color coding for invoices with or without Purchase Orders, and invoices which have been delivered or not delivered to the customer.
c) The system shows the aging of the invoices with due or overdue invoices based on the agreed credit period.
d) The system allows the sales staff, debt collectors to write follow-up notes and reminders to themselves or to others for purchase orders, collection of payments, etc.
e) The system helps the debt collector to collect the money on time by measuring payments overdue.
f) Allows the users to send invoices and statements by fax or email depending on the customer demands.
g) The system reminds the sales staff to follow up with the customers for the quotations and for sales and marketing activities.
h) The system is fully integrated with the document management system, which allows the users to view, fax, or email the scanned copies of contracts, invoices, purchase orders and payment receipts.

Applicable businesses:-

This module is very useful for any Equipment, car rental, and leasing companies having multiple branches in multiple Cities, and Countries.
It is also suitable for contracting companies, factories and businesses having many Cars, Vehicles, Machines, and Equipment.

Invoicing System

Payment Entry and Allocation

Invoice and Payment