Maintenance Module

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Maintenance Module

The Maintenance System allows users to define the maintenance schedules for equipment based on hours meter, kilometer readings or the number of days. Maintenance schedule reminder keeps the maintenance supervisor or department up to date with current and future maintenance plans. This will reduce the equipments’ downtime and keep track of equipment maintenance history.
It allows users to create job orders with predefine inspection list, delivery request, issue spare parts, return unused spare parts to stores.

Main features:-

a) Defining Maintenance Plans.
b) Defining Maintenance Groups.
c) Defining Different Maintenance Schedule for Different types of Equipment.
d) Define Multiple Maintenance Schedule for Equipment.
e) Ability to Create Job Orders.
f) Shows you in detail the Mechanic Job Order Description.
g) Ability to register spare part request and delivery.
h) Allows users to register delivery return notes for unused spare parts.
i) The system provides users who have access rights with the following reports:
  • Preventive Maintenance Report.
  • Due Maintenance Report.
  • Overdue Maintenance Report.
  • Spare Part Usage Report.
  • Stock Reports.

Applicable businesses:-

This module is suitable for any Equipment, car rental, and leasing companies. It is also very useful for any business with many Vehicles, Machines, and Equipment. It can be used by companies having Branches in multiple Cities, and Countries.

Maintenance System