Rental Management Module

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Rental Management

The Rental Management module is one of the core modules of the iHire Software®. It consists of five sub-systems where each one of them represents a part of the hiring process.
iHire Software® Rental Management module is a comprehensive system which was developed in-house by a team of professionals over a number of years. The expertise of the hiring industry was meticulously incorporated into this system in such a way that it handles all the practical aspects of hiring in a systematic workflow manner and guarantees proper interactions between the different stages of the hiring process.
The Rental Management system sub-modules can be defined as follows:

Contract System:-

The contract system allows you to make different types of hiring contracts from a single interface. The system allows you to make the contract for a variety of hiring periods, ranging from one day to one year and accordingly calculate the rates.

Main features:-

a) The system gives users the ability to make rental quotations for different types of equipment in different hiring periods.
b) The system provides users with a single interface to make a wide range of hiring/ sales contracts. Users can choose any type of equipment, attachments with/ without operator /fuel.
c) The system gives users the ability to make rental contracts for varying hiring periods, ranging from one day to one year. The system automatically calculates the contract grand total including the hire rates, delivery charges and fuel charge.
d) The system provides users with all the information they need to answer customers’ enquiries relating to equipment availability and hire rates.
e) The system shows users the list of available equipment for sale.
f) The system shows users the possible combination of attachments with any equipment and the corresponding hire rates.
g) The system has advanced search features; to quickly find any equipment by typing a part of its name or code. The system displays similar equipment in case of unavailability of equipment.
h) All the system features and functions are only available to users based on their access rights.

Customer Selection and Validation

While making a contract the system give users the customer’s relevant information. The system will show the sales person the customer class, pre-set credit limit and credit period. It shows the customer statement of account payments history, etc.
The system enables the sales person to make an informed decision at the time of making a new hiring contract whether to go ahead with the contract or advise another course of action.
When the sales person makes a new contract for a customer who has exceeded his credit limit, the hiring/ sales contract must be approved by a manager otherwise the delivery will not be possible.

Dispatching and Deliveries System

The system enables dispatchers to plan equipment deliveries with an easy to use interface showing the list of all pending deliveries and collections.
The system provides the rental staff/ dispatchers with a provision to change the delivery date and time as per customer requirement.
When making a delivery note; the system provides users with an easy to use interface to select the available equipment/ attachments from a store, assign operators/ drivers, enter the fuel status and meter reading at the time of delivery etc.


The system enables dispatchers to plan equipment collections with an easy to use interface showing the list of all pending collections and deliveries.
Users can make the off-hire of collected equipment from site or received from customers and enter the equipment off-hire details such as meter reading, equipment condition and fuel level.
The system enables users to make partial or full off-hire for a customer single or multiple contracts depending on selection.

Contract Follow-up:-

The system provides users with a dynamic view on the status of any contract at a glance by displaying all the related information as follows:
a) The system displays the contract delivery status including the delivered/ off-hired equipment/ attachments and the remaining items with the customer.
b) The system displays real time hire period, total billed amount, un-billed hire period/ amounts, advance payments.
c) Full details are available by a single click showing a list of all delivery notes, off-hire notes, time/ trip cards, payment receipts, refund receipts, invoices, collection requests and follow up notes.
d) Users have options to change the delivery date, extend the hire period, change, make replacement request after breakdown reports, and make collection request as per customer requirements or expiry of the hire contract.
e) The system is fully integrated with the document management system and displays the soft copies of related documents including the hire contract, delivery notes, off-hire notes, etc.

Applicable businesses:-

This module is suitable for any equipment, car rental, and leasing companies. It can be used by companies having multiple business divisions, branches in multiple cities, and countries.

Contract System

Customer Selection & Validation (Figure1)

Customer Selection & Validation (Figure2)