System Users Training Services

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System Users Training Services

Training of selected groups of the client’s staff will be conducted by iHire Software experts in a professional and formal way.

Groups of staff to be trained

1. Managing Director and other senior management staff of the client.
2. Sales & Marketing staff
3. Dispatch & Delivery staff
4. Invoice & Debt Collection staff
5. Accounts staff
6. Garage/Maintenance office staff
7. HR staff
8. IT support/help desk staff
The full details of the training manual will be given prior to the beginning of the training period.

Types of Training

Training will be done in a classroom as well as directly on iHire Software depending on the job of the person. Classroom training will involve presentation slides, discussions and demonstrations on the iHire Software. The training will mostly be in the form of workshops which will give the client’s employees hands-on practice on the business processes.

On-the-job training

On-the-job training will be conducted during the resident training period (see below) which will last for three months.

Location of training

iHire Software has a fully equipped training centre in Bahrain and hence it is possible for the Client to send their employees to be trained in Bahrain and in this case the cost of travel, accommodation and living expenses will be paid by Projects Technology Alternatively some or all of the training can be done at Projects Technology in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Resident training

Mister Machine will keep one IT expert at the Client for an agreed period to make sure that immediate help and continuous on-the-job training is available which will guarantee a smooth operation.

System Users Training