Time and Attendance Module

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Time and Attendance

iHire Software ® Time and Attendance system is the market leader in providing cost-effective and reliable employee time and attendance solutions for organizations of every size. It gives the employer the ability to allow staff to punch in and out from pre-defined punching terminals (PCs or tablets).
It stops employees from falsely punching for each other.
It provides unmatched accuracy in tracking employee work hours and gives employees the convenience and ease of punching in and out.
It saves on manual salary calculations and prevents human mistakes.
Our system is very cost effective that make your business more efficient and productive.

Main features:-

a) Allows the employee to enter his ID when punching in or out.
b)The system takes a picture of the employee while punching and automatically sends a notification to the supervisor and related departments as configured by management.
c) Allow users to register any number of employees.
d) Allow users to define work schedules for employees and
e) Define punching terminals access rules.
f) Block or unblock certain employees from punching while displaying custom messages.
g) Define early arrival rules with the ability to display custom messages.
h) Define late arrival rules.
i) HR staff can view missing attendance entries and the ability to correct them.
j) HR staff can add notes for attendance entries.
k) The system sends real time pop-up notification of employees’ In/ Out to pre-defined supervisors/ managers.
l) The system is fully integrated with our Payroll module.
m) Users with access rights can generates reports in different formats (excel, PDF, text) for the following:
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly reports for any employee or all employees with the attendance pictures.
  • Report for the total working hours for employees showing the total worked hours, overtime, less hours, etc.
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly missing attendance reports.
  • Terminal Logs report.

Applicable business Types:

This module is suitable for any Business Organization of any size. It is extremely useful for any business with more than 10 staff using the old time cards punching system (Legacy system).
It can be used by companies having branches in multiple Cities, and Countries.

Time and Attendance

Employee Daily Attendance Picture

Missing Entries